Important Info! - UNISEL 14th Convocation -

Important Information to be Observed

All graduates must observe the following dress code:

  • Male: Black / Dark coloured Lounge Suit with light – coloured shirt and tie or National Costume.
  • Female: Light coloured ‘Baju Kurung’ or formal attire. Slit skirts and semi-transparent dresses are totally prohibited.
  • Male: Leather shoes (preferably black/dark coloured). Sportswear and sandals are strictly prohibited.
  • Female: Female students should only wear fully-covered shoes, preferably black or dark brown. Bright coloured shoes are not allowed. Female students are not allowed to wear high-heeled shoes (more than 1.5”) or sandals.
  • Male : Hair should be short and neat, above the collar.
  • Female : Transparent and stylish dresses are not allowed.

Graduates who do not comply with the above dress code will not be allowed to enter the Main Hall.

The seats in the hall are arranged according to your programmes and in alphabetical order.

All graduates must register their attendance at the registration counter which is located at the right of the Main Hall before the ceremony begins.

The following is the procedure which needs to be observed to ensure the smooth running of the convocation ceremony:

a. Conferment of degree by the Chancellor
The Dean will announce the name of graduates to be conferred by the Chancellor. You will rise after the announcement and walk towards the stage. On stage, you will move towards the Chancellor to receive your scrolls.

b. Receiving the Scroll

  • There will be an 'X' marked on the floor, in front of the Chancellor. This is the place where you should be standing when receiving your scroll;
  • Walk towards the Chancellor and stop on the 'X' mark. Accept the scroll, hold your scroll on your right side with your right arm and say ‘Thank You”. After that, walk back to your seat.


  • You must remain seated after receiving your scroll. Please observe the Rules and Etiquettes during the Ceremony.
  • You are not allowed to leave the hall when the ceremony is still in session. This is to ensure the programme proceeds in an orderly manner.

To ensure the ceremony is conducted with dignity, honour and solemnity, we would appreciate if you could give your full cooperation to observe the rules and etiquettes listed below. Please also remind your guests/parents to strictly observe the same rules and etiquettes.

  • Graduates and guests/parents are NOT ALLOWED to leave the hall or move about during the ceremony so as not to disrupt the ceremony.
  • Graduates and guests/parents are thus advised to have their breakfast/meals before entering the hall.
  • Graduates and guests/parents are advised to go to the restrooms before the ceremony begins to minimize disruption during the ceremony.
  • Only officially appointed photographers are allowed to take photographs or any form of audiovisual recording.
  • Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


  • To share in your success, UNISEL will be inviting your parents/family members to be present for the ceremony. Each graduate is given the privilege of inviting not more than two (2) guests to be in the Main Hall to witness the Convocation Ceremony.
  • An invitation card for two of your guests will be distributed when you collect your academic attire.
  • Please inform your guests that once seated in the hall, they would not be able to leave until the conclusion of the convocation ceremony.
  • Please note that children below 12 years old are not allowed to enter the hall during the Convocation Ceremony.
  • Parents can enter the hall from the main entrance. The entrance will be opened from 10.30am.
  • Parents / Guests have to wear formal attire as follow:

a. Male attire:
National / Batik / Lounge Suit or
Formal attire suitable for the ceremony
(Jeans and T-Shirts are not allowed).

b. Female attire:
National or
Formal attire suitable with the ceremony.

Those who are not properly attired would not be allowed to enter the hall.


  • Be seated according to the programmes and in alphabetical order.
  • Do not leave the Chancellor Hall until the conclusion of the Convocation Ceremony.
  • Do not bring in bags, cameras, cell phones, etc.
  • Those who arrive after the stipulated time will not be allowed into the Chancellor Hall.
  • Those who are not properly attired will not be allowed into the Chancellor Hall.
  • In case of any emergencies, please seek the assistance of the Marshall on duty.
  • Those who are in the disabled category - please report to the Marshall on duty.

You may bring only one (1) car on the convocation day. Once you reach the UNISEL Campus, please display your car sticker at the entrance so that the security officers can usher you to the allocated parking space. Appropriate signages will be direct you to the venue.


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