Next Step - UNISEL 14th Convocation -

STEP 1 : Before the Convocation Ceremony

Please ensure the following steps have been fulfilled before the Convocation Ceremony:-

  1. Make a payment of:


    Graduation Fee

    Diploma, Bachelor & Master’s Degree


    Doctor of Philosophy


    as Graduation Fee latest by 20th November 2019 and settle all the
    outstanding payments (if applicable) (Please refer to the Method of Payment);

  2. Complete the Settlement Form (Appendix I - DOWNLOAD HERE and Appendix II - DOWNLOAD HERE) before collecting your academic robe;

  3. Graduates are required to fill-in the Tracer Study questionnaire which can be accessed via website at:

    • - for MOE Tracer Study
    • The access to the system will be opened from 10th November - 29th December, 2019 (students with GRADUATED status before November 2019), 23rd November - 29th December, 2019 (students with GRADUATED status after November 2019).
    • Proof of Submission :
      • Graduates are required to print confirmation slip of Tracer Study. This slip is to be presented during collection of academic robe.

      • Failing to present the slip will prevent graduates from collecting their convocation academic robe, invitation card.

      • Any enquires regarding the LOGIN PASSWORD, kindly contact the person in-charge at 603-3280 5039/5041.

  4. Collect your academic robe, invitation and convocation cards at

    • 1st Floor, Library, Bestari Jaya Campus
  5. Present the completed Settlement Form (Appendix I & Appendix II) during collection of academic robe

  6. Attend the Rehearsal and Convocation Briefing on 29 November 2019 @ 10.00 am at the Chancellor Hall, UNISEL Bestari Jaya Campus.

STEP 2 : During the Convocation Ceremony

  1. All graduates are required to participate the session for the conferment of your degree;

  2. Please adhere to the Dress Code stated in this Guideline; and

  3. Register your attendance at the registration counter which is located at the right of the Chancellor Hall, UNISEL Bestari Jaya Campus before the ceremony begins;



    Registration: 07:00AM


    Registration: 12:30PM

    ** Please strictly adhere to seating arrangement as arranged according to your programme

STEP 3 : After the Convocation Ceremony

  1. Please return your academic robe on 30 November - 6 December 2019 at Record and Convocation Unit, 1st Floor, Chancellery Building, Bestari Jaya Campus failing which a fine of RM10.00 per day will be imposed; CLICK HERE to download the Returning Academic Robe Form.

  2. Academic robe returned on 9 December 2019 onwards should be made at Record & Graduation Unit UNISEL Shah Alam Campus Shah Alam Campus (for FBA and Health Science graduate only).

  3. You may collect your scrolls and photographs according to the schedule given.